As mentioned in a previous post, beds that are pushed up against the wall are difficult to make. The other day while cleaning a teenage boy’s room, not only was his bed pushed up against the wall, but his bed was turned around so the headboard was where most people’s feet would be. Not only did I have to try and make his bed with it pushed up against the wall, now I had to figure out if his pillows should go by the headboard or the other way around. I opted for putting the pillows at the headboard.

Frustrated by this disruption of my “groove”, I thought to myself, if he had to make this bed himself every day, I bet he’d put his bed in a more logical position. But that’s just it, he doesn’t have to make his bed; I do.

I see this a lot where we’re called in to clean because none of the kids are made responsible for the upkeep of the house, or their rooms at the very least, and poor Mom gets overwhelmed. So now Mom and Dad are shelling out hundreds of dollars a month to have their home cleaned when there are several able-bodied young adults in the home doing nothing except watching T.V., playing games, or looking at their phones.

Don’t get me wrong, these people pay my bills and for that I’m grateful, but I firmly believe when you’re made responsible for your possessions and your actions, you start to make smarter choices. If however, someone is always there to clean up your messes, what do you learn?

A friend of mine has a step-daughter in her 30’s who continually makes unwise choices that land her in various troubles. She’s definitely old enough to have learned from her mistakes and make smarter choices except, her mother always comes to the rescue.  And instead of learning, the step-daughter goes about her life as usual oblivious that she needs to make changes.

Do you want your kids to be in their 30’s and constantly having you are someone else come to the rescue or do you want your kids to learn from their mistakes and make smarter choices? Do yourself a favor, even if you have me come clean your home, give your kids responsibilities like making their bed. Little things like this will help teach them responsibility and help them to develop better decision making skills for their adult life.